“I feel the music… as clear as a mountain path. Art inspired by Art. Simplicity. Simplicity brings forth such strong emotion. Contemporary Art makes a return to its primitive origins. However in reality it is not a ‘return’…but a ‘renewal’, a new beginning, a new way of seeing things which this new knowledge has enabled. Death signals no end but is necessary to allow for new growth and regeneration. Indeed Art looks back to its source, in order to be reborn with renewed creativity. Simplicity of form…primitive realization…Naïve construction…but always present and most vital is the intensity of emotion. Tranquil music to calm our anxious beings. Destruction and reconstruction. Art needs…both simplicity and complexity. Now…Art inspires rebirth.” F. Mompou (1893- 1987)

This research project is inspired by the wonderful music and philosophy of the Catalan composer Frederic Mompou. This exploration has led to the formation of the group Matisos, which formally emerged in September of 2007. Matisos takes as a starting point the simplicity of Mompou´s melodies and chords, which are used as a springboard to push the group into exploring new sonic terrain. As Matisos we desire to experience a musical world, one full of surprises, which places an emphasis on clear communication and offers us a freedom which we believe to be fundamental and vital in our music making. Matisos seeks not to reinterpret or perform Mompou´s existing repertoire. We take inspiration from his ideas and sound world and with that we build our own unique sound and repertoire. “… it is not a ‘return’… but a ‘renewal’…” Matisos is in a constant state of change, of growth and development. We believe that this is essential for the vitality and energy of our music. We invite listeners to join us on this new and inspiring journey and we seek and hope to move them…like this music has moved us.

Rui da Silva (Guitar)

Was born in 03/02/1977(Portugal). In 1998 studied music in the jazz school Hot Clube (Lisbon). In 2001 got admitted in the Royal Conservatorium (Den Haag) were in December 2005 got his diploma. Since he finished the conservatorium has been playing has a professional musician in Holland and has experience performing around Europe.

Daniel Van Huffelen (Contrabass)

Was born in 1981 in Epe (Holland). As a young boy he starts playing piano, guitar and electric bass. After a year of double bass lessons, in 1999 he gets accepted to study Jazz Contrabass at the Conservatory of Utrecht, where his teacher is Harry Emmery. Two years later he moves to the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague to follow classes with Hein van de Geyn en Frans van der Hoeven. During his second year he decides to do an exchange (Erasmus) at “L´Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya” (ESMUC), where he studies with Horacio Fumero, Albert Bover y Jonathan Camps. After this great experience he stays a year more in Barcelona to really taste the musical live. In September 2007 Daniël graduates for his study Jazz Contrabass and directly starts a master Composition Jazz at the same Conservatory. At the moment he is busy writing jazz music, pop, film music, music for big band, etc. His whole live Daniël has been playing in different jazz formations. He also plays guitar, keys and sings in 2 popbands. In May 2009 completes his Master in Jazz Composition.

Pepe “José” García (Percussion)

Was born in Córdoba, Mexico and studied at the Facultad de Música de la Universidad Veracruzana. He completed the Diploma of Advanced Percussion Studies with the Tambuco Percussion Ensemble and completed bachelor’s degree at Koninklijk Conservatorium (NL). He has been a member of Ensamble de Percusiones de Xalapa, Sinfónica Juvenil de Veracruz and Banda Sinfónica del Estado de Veracruz. He was a founding member of the XOC Percussion Ensemble, which performed throughout Mexico. While in The Netherlands, Pepe has played timpani in the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra and performed with the National Percussion Ensemble and Insomnio. He toured both Holland and Germany with The Barton Workshop, and has performed at festivals such as the Steve Reich Festival, Karnatic Lab Festival, Festival de Percusiones Merza, Gaudeamus Muziek Week, and the International Recorder Festival. He is currently a member of the Axyz Ensemble and Modelo 62.