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New Matisos Cd!

6 Dec 2010 | News

“Impressions on Frederic Mompou”: This research project is inspired by the wonderful music and philosophy of the Catalan composer Frederic Mompou. This exploration has led to the formation of the group Matisos, which formally emerged in September of 2007. Matisos takes as a starting point the simplicity ofMompou´s melodies and chords, which are used as a springboard to push the group into exploring new sonic terrain. As Matisos we desire to experience a musical world, one full of surprises, which places an emphasis on clear communication and offers us a freedom which we believe to be fundamental and vital in our music making. Matisos seeks not to reinterpret or perform Mompou´s existing repertoire. We take inspiration from his ideas and sound world and with that we build our own unique sound and repertoire. “… it is not a ‘return’… but a ‘renewal’…” Matisos is in a constant state of change, of growth and development. We believe that this is essential for the vitality and energy of our music. We invite listeners to join us on this new and inspiring journey and we seek and hope to move them…like this music has moved us.
Eva Folch: Vocals
Rui da Silva: Guitar
Daniel van Huffelen: Bass
Pepe García: Percussion
© Copyright – Matisos / CK MUSIC (8437007867626)
Release Date: 2010
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Barcelona, Spain

Eva Folch